Offloading aggregates, The Netherlands

The gravel unloading installation is located in the Industrial Zone in the West-Port of Flushing (the Netherlands). The equipment consists of a receiving hopper and belt conveyors for storage of aggregates, and has a capacity of 2 400 tons per hour. The bulk carriers or the hopper-dredgers with selfunloading equipment are moored alongside two large mooring piles equipped with fenders.  On these piles, vertical fenders allow the ships to move up and down with the tidal variation. Between these piles, a catwalk equipped with a removable platform permits access to the deck of the ship.

The first part of the unloading installation (receiving hopper and the first part of a collecting belt conveyor) is built off-shore on piles. The second part of the belt conveyor is built on-shore on pylons. This conveyor feeds a movable belt conveyor installed on strong steel supports at a height of 25m above the stock piling area which has a capacity of 100.000 tons.

All materials are treated in a washing, crushing and screening plant and serve the concrete or the chemical industry. Supply of the end-products for the concrete industry is done by inland waterways.

The fully automated loading installation of which the capacity rises to 800 tons per hour consists of three hoppers and a loading belt conveyor. The hoppers are fed with the different end-products. As such the blending of products is possible and different size ranges of sand and aggregates are sold depending on the customer’s wishes.

The loading belt is movable and the top end above the ships can rise or lower in function of the tides. This loading band is partially built on piles (off-shore) and partially on pylons (on-shore).