Mussandam Rock, Oman

Rent-A-Port is a partner and operator in this huge quarry. This 200 hectares aggregates concession is located on the mountainous Musandam Peninsula, as part of Ghassah Bay in the northern part of Oman.

The quarry is one of the biggest in the Middle-East, with reserves in excess of  500 million tons. Exploration started a few years ago. By the drilling and blasting, raw materials are produced and the big rocks are sorted by size and weight. With dumpers armour rock is transported to the floating jetty and loaded onto pontoons. These rocks go to various breakwater projects and artificial islands in the Middle-East.

A crushing plant with a capacity of 2.600 tons per hour is currently being installed. This installation breaks the rock into aggregates. A 350m long conveyor belt with a capacity of 2.500 ton per hour then transports the products into the ships. The limestone of the quarry is of high quality and purity.