Antwerp stone terminal, Belgium

Antwerp Stone Terminal is located on the left bank of the Port of Antwerp. The unloading facility of aggregates forms part of a  ‘pseudo quarry’ concept. The raw materials are extracted from quarries in Norway and Scotland (one of the world’s largest operational quarries) and transported with large self-discharging vessels to the Antwerp Stone Terminal, where the aggregates are produced according to European Standards for concrete and road applications. The finished product is transported to different building sites by road, rail and sea.

The exploitation surface of the terminal is about 10HA with a storage capacity of 500.000 tons. The automated discharge installation of the vessels is designed to guarantee a throughput of 6.000 tons/hour, for granules not bigger than 20mm. In total the investment is in excess of 7 million Euros.

The stacker is built on a drained and stabilized platform, with metal piles up to 20 meters deep. The unloaded material first drops in a buffer hopper of 40m3 and is then transported with a first conveyor belt to the distribution box. A second conveyor perpendicular to the first one transports the material to the stock. A crushing and sieving plant turns the raw materials into the right size of aggregates.