Quarry of Boulonnais, France

The raw materials are treated in a primary crusher where a selection of blocks and a first crushing operation is done. Via the washing installation, where the material is washed in clear water in two large rotating cylinders, the products are fed into the second crusher to reduce the particle-size dis-tribution of the pre-ground product (primary output).


Dependent on its quality the product
is then routed to either

  • Physical processing for the production and direct shipment to construction and public work customers of any combination of finished product made from 12 core products produced and stocked in 1.000 ton silos.  Its capacity is 800 tons per hour. The loading is automated over three lines and the variety of possible products is unlimited up to a maximum size of 90 mm
  • Chemical processing, where the  sorting and particle size reduction facility (800 tons per hour) is used to produce limestone, chemically selected gravel and flux stone (sand for metallurgy) and allows loading from a hopper.
    Transport logistics are diversified and customized according to volume and deadline demands and is performed by dump trucks, tank trucks and platforms, full tonnage trains, river barges and cargo ships. The quarry is able to load up to 40.000 tons of material per day.